The Roots of Japan2 ~Buddhism and way of LIFE2~

 Let’s listen to messages from the Buddha and get some hints from the Buddhist Way of LIFE!

~ ブッダのメッセージに耳を傾け、仏道の教えから今を生き抜くヒントを得よう ~

【Event Details:  Fascinating Point】
“Japanese Buddhism” and its relations to people’s spirit & daily life

In this workshop, participants will have the chance to learn some clues of the way of life and get a brief glimpse of Japanese lifestyle based on the spirit of harmony. Haven’t you wondered why Japanese Buddhist priest can eat meat? This is because Japanese Buddhism does not discern the life of animal and vegetable. This is well reflected on Japanese common phrase “Itadakimasu” which is called before the meal. It can be literally translated as “I am taking your life.” This is an expression of remorse and gratitude for all lives of foods that became our sacrifices. No one can survive without something life sacrifice. Accordingly, Japanese Buddhist priest can eat everything to not waste their sacrifice.

In addition to this question, didn’t you wonder why Japanese priest can marry and drink? This workshop will clarify these kinds of question through lecturer’s personal stories, and you will learn the reality of Japanese Buddhist priest. You can ask the lecturer any questions about Buddhism and Buddhist culture. Why don’t you deepen your understanding of Japanese culture based on Buddhist spirits? Please feel comfortable joining to the workshop!

The date and time:saturday, October25, 2014 15:00~17:30


Address:1-9-2 Nagasaki toshimaku Tokyo(1-minute walk from Shinacho (椎名町)station(Seibu Ikebukuro Line))

Capacity: Max to 20

Cost:2,000yen(For each Part)  ※Pay at the door, included rental space fee and instructor fee. ※Please do not change your attendance status  after July 25th.When you cancel it after July 25, please send an E-mail to info@intlcentertokyo.com.

Schedule:3:00pm~4:50pm Buddhism Workshop (including Q&A time)
4:50 ~ 5:00pm Break time/5:00 ~ 5:30pm Sightseeing tour at Kongoin temple (金剛院)/5:30~ 6:30pm (Option:tea time at Nayuta cafe 金剛院内)


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Things to Bring:Socks(Please bring your socks!)
【Pick up points】

1) Understand brief history of Japanese Buddhism.


2) Learn today’s Japanese Buddhist temple life.


3)Talk to Japanese Buddhist priest.



Special Instructor●Rev.Naoyuki Ogi                              Born in 1982.He is a vice abbot of Choshoji Temple in Yamaguchi,Japan. He graduated from Ryukoku University and the Graduate Theological Union/Institute of Buddhist Studies. He completed a 2010-2011 residential fellow program at Harvard Divinity School. He has given many lectures on Buddhism at universities and seminars.In addition, he has written and translated many articles and as translator and journalist for various publications both in English and Japanese,including Samgha Vol.17, Turning Wheel,The Pure Land,Inter Press Service, Majirox News,Prapanca, Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Culture in Musashino University, and the Journal of Kurashiki Sakuyo University,etc.

「仏教」から連想するものと言えば、仏陀?八正道?諸行無常?それともインドでしょうか?難しい仏教用語にアレルギーを感じている皆さん! いっそのこと仏教を「英語」に置き換えて学んでみませんか? 例えば、仏教でいう「智慧」はWisdomですが、見識、分別、英知という文字通りの意味のほかに、仏教では「ありのままに見せてくれる」という意味も含んでいます。“Wisdom helps us to“see things as they really are”and NOT“how we wish to see them”!!

本ワークショップでは、勤行のパフォーマンスから始まり、オーギーこと大來 尚順さんが仏教の歴史や基礎知識はもちろん、解りやすい解説とクスッと笑える面白いエピソードで参加者の皆さんを楽しませてくれます。さらには、日常生活に役立つ教えや生き方そのものへのヒントも得られるかもしれません! ブッダの教えに耳を傾けて、心身ともにリラックスできる日曜の午後を過ごしてみませんか。※本講座は全て英語で行われます。

講師●大來尚順(Rev.Shojun Ogi)

超勝寺 副住職 Choshoji Temple,Deputy Chief Priest

仏教学術論文翻訳家 Translator for scholarly paper on Buddhism






著書に「ブッダのサイコセラピー著者に聞く、アメリカ仏教の現在形(インタビュー記事)」(サンガジャパンVol.17)、「The Concept of Engaged Buddhism in Shinran:Reflections on Living as “Neither a Monk Nor a Worldly Person”」(Living in Peace:Insights from Buddhism(Taiwan:Blue Pine Books,2013))、その他多数。